Identity begins with a name, Noelia Ricci. The woman who inspired this project.

Noelia, so naturally charismatic and genuine, a woman who, a long time ago, believed in this land’s potential. She has been our guiding light ever since, the memory of happy times, the woman who kept the whole family together around a table.

A project seeking to reaffirm a family identity which today, with the fourth generation, is still the key value at the core of who we are and what we do.


The  second key feature of the project is our fascination for the world of animals.

A world that has always been complementary to our countryside.

The shapes of animals living in the woods surrounding the vineyards, and those reared on the farm, which was originally part of the estate, trigger distant memories.

We began exploring the world of imaginary creatures and the world of contemporary animals, by going through illustrations from late nineteenth-century archives, and we were attracted to figures which, while being realistic, though not photographically realistic, lend themselves to a certain freedom of imagination.


The most advanced of animals is represented on the label of our long-lived wine, GODENZA. The monkey embodies the style of a wine that goes back to the origins of Sangiovese. A wine firmly planted in the land, which faithfully describes the hillcrest it comes from. A vineyard with a very high amount of sandstone, which lends the wine its typical savoury grip.


IL SANGIOVESE is represented by a wasp, a regular presence in the vineyards and crucial to the protection of vineyard biodiversity .

A vintage wine, quick and stinging, as refreshing and easy-going as wines used to be.


The whale is represented on the label of BRO’, our Trebbiano wine.

It is reminiscent of the sea, which used to cover these lands, and takes us on a journey through memory, back to an abstract time that leads us into the unconscious.




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